Specimen Requirements


T-Cell Receptor Gamma Gene Rearrangement, PCR

Specimen Requirement

Collect lavender EDTA/3.0 mL whole blood and send.

Alternate sample:
3.0 mL whole blood collected in a sodium heparin tube.
1.0 mL bone marrow collected in a lavender EDTA or sodium heparin tube.


Polymerase Chain Reaction, Fragment Analysis


Room temp: 7 days, Refrigerated: 7 days, Frozen: Unacceptable

Reference Range

By Report*


7-10 days

Clinical Use

This assay which interrogates the T-cell receptor gamma locus (TCRG) by a PCR method based on the BIOMED-2 consensus, is used for establishing clonality of T-cell lymphoid neoplasms and identification of minimal residual disease or early recurrence in patients with a previous diagnosis of a T-cell neoplasm.

Test Code