About Garcia Lab

David and Patricia Garcia opened Garcia Laboratory in 1971 as a family owned and operated, full-service clinical laboratory. We are proud to say that is still the case today.

In the beginning, local physician referrals was our primary business. As our local hospital began targeting that market and buying physician offices around town, we shifted our focus. We began providing laboratory services to health insurance providers across the country. This was our first exposure to shipping specimen and a valuable foundation for our current market and business model.

We gained Woman Owned Business (WBE) status in 1989, which we are recognized for nationally as well as various state-run programs. Our start in corrections came in the mid 90’s when we were awarded a bid to provide services to a federal prison in Georgia. From there, it was a natural progression to get interested in the correctional facilities located down the road in Jackson, MI. We started the statewide Michigan DOC program in 1997 and have been providing laboratory services for the state of Michigan ever since.

Since getting our start in corrections nearly 25 years ago, we have provided laboratory services for large statewide programs, sprawling jail programs, single federal facilities, and other contracts ranging in population from 50,000 patients to a couple dozen patients, and everything in between. Our correction business has grown to span 36 states and service over 375,000 lives in 650 facilities.