Specimen Requirements


PML-RARA t(15;17), Quantitative, Real Time-PCR

Specimen Requirement

Collect 5.0 mL whole blood or 3.0 mL bone marrow in a lavender EDTA tube. Send room temp or refrigerated.


Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)


Room temp: 5 days, Refrigerated: 5 days, Frozen: Unacceptable

Reference Range

By Report*


5-7 days

Clinical Use

This assay detects the short form (bcr3), long form (bcr1) and the variant exon 6 (bcr2) PML-RARA transcripts associated with the t(15; 17) chromosomal translocation. PML-RARA transcript levels are expressed as normalized copy number (NCN) of PML-RARA using ABL1 as internal control. The lower limit of PML-RARA + leukemia detection in this assay is dependent on the quality of RNA obtained and the cellularity of the sample. Analytic assay sensitivity is determined at 1:100,000.

Test Code