Specimen Requirements


HPV DNA, Low and High Risk, Rectal

Specimen Requirement

***Collection container changed 4/26/2022***

Preferred Specimen(s)
3 mL Dacron/Polyester swab collected in Liquid Cytology (PreservCyt®) Preservative (ThinPrep®)

Alternative Specimen(s)
Anal-rectal brush collected in 3 mL of Liquid Cytology (PreservCyt®) Preservative (ThinPrep®) vial

Collection Instructions:
To collect an anal-rectal sample, a wetted, non-lubricated Dacron/Polyester swab is used. The Dacron/Polyester swab is inserted about 3 cm (or until resistance is met) into the anal canal past the anal verge, into the rectal vault. This is done without visualization of the anal canal. Firm lateral pressure is applied to the swab handle as it is rotated and slowly moved in and out. Slowly withdraw swab from the anal canal. Swish the swab vigorously in PreservCyt® fluid in the ThinPrep® vial. Discard the swab. Cap and tighten the ThinPrep® vial.
Follow the same procedure if using a brush to collect an anal-rectal sample. Avoid using cotton swab on a wooden stick because the handle may break and splinter during collection. Swab that is grossly contaminated with feces should be discarded and the collection repeated.


Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA)


Room temp: 30 days, Refrigerated: 28 days

Reference Range

By Report*


3-6 days

Clinical Use

This test is used to detect the presence of HPV DNA in anal-rectal mucosa.

Test Code