Specimen Requirements


Chlamydia/Neisseria Gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA, Throat

Specimen Requirement

Collection container: Aptima Multitest or Aptima Unisex swab

Collection instructions:
Using a tongue depressor, insert the swab and vigorously rub the tonsils and the posterior pharynx. Carefully remove the swab without touching any area of the mouth. Immediately place the swab into the transport tube, carefully break the swab shaft at the score line, re-cap and send.


Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA)


Room temp: 30 days, Refrigerated: 30 days, Frozen: 30 days

Reference Range

The reference range is determined by the performing laboratory and will show on the report.


2-3 days Performed Monday-Saturday

Clinical Use

Both Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae may infect the oral/pharyngeal cavity of sexually active individuals. Detection of this organism may be important for determining the risk for disease progression or transmission.

Test Code