Specimen Requirements


BK Virus DNA PCR, Qualitative, Urine

Specimen Requirement

Collect random urine: Send 2.0 mL urine (1.0 mL minimum) undiluted, and frozen in a sterile IATA-approved screw-capped plastic container. Dedicated specimens are required. Specimens used in other assays will not be tested.



Room Temperature 8 Hours, Refrigerated 3 days, Frozen 6 months

Reference Range


3 Days; Performed Mon-Friday

Clinical Use

This test utilizes a polymerase chain reaction to amplify sequences from the VP1 regions of the BK virus genome. The qualitative limit of detection is 100 copies/mL (2.0 log(10) copies/mL). A “NOT DET” (Not detected) result does not rule out infection.

Test Code