COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Testing Update

COVID-19 testing is now available through Garcia Lab.  Specimen can now be collected in the Multi-Collect Specimen Collection Kit.  The test code in CareEvolve is COV19.  TAT is approximately 1-2 days.




  1. Discard disposable transfer pipette; it is not required for nasal or oropharyngeal swab specimen connection.
  2. Remove the sterile swab from the wrapper, taking care not to touch tip or lay it down on any surface. Do not pre-wet the swab.
  3. Collect patient specimen per CDC guidelines.
  4. Handle the cap and tube carefully to avoid contamination, including the outside of the transport tube and cap. If necessary, change gloves.
  5. Unscrew the transport tube cap and immediately place the specimen collection swab into the transport tube so that the white tip is down.
  6. Carefully break the swab at the scored line on the shaft; use care to avoid splashing of contents.
  7. Recap the transport tube.  Ensure the cap seals tightly.  The cap must be tight or leakage may occur.
  8. Label the transport tube with sample identification information.  It is recommended that each tube be placed in an individual, sealable bag prior to transport.
  9. Place the bio-hazard bag upright in the foam provided, inside the shipping boxes (paperwork and Multi-Collect can be placed with other bloodwork sent that day)
  10. Specimen is good at room temperature 48 ours after collection.


If you have any questions at all regarding collection or shipping process please do not hesitate to call.  Please call 1-800-888-8598 and speak to Brenda LaChapelle, Nick Kraeuter, or David Garcia.



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